Collect Recyclable Materials

POST-CONSUMER PET BOTTLES ARE COLLECTED AND SORTED: Our simple 5-step solution turns waste into custom merchandise with an unlimited possibility of style, branding and visibility. Step-1, collect and sort post-consumer PET bottles.



Convert To Useful Products

OUR FIBERS ARE MADE FROM EXTRUSION OF PLASTIC: Step-3, We extract the raw material from the plastic and turns the waste into RPET pellets, which can be spun into yarn to make fabric. All Fibers are Certified Post Consumer PET.



Provide Certified Measurement

Data collection on the recycled materials saved from landfills and reports on engagement by consumers.


Recycling Consultation
Our consultants have over 35 combined years of understanding the recycling supply chain in 42 countries.
Product Development
Taking recycled waste and re-purposing into high quality uniforms and many other products.
Marketing and Measurement
Deliver a recycling program that can be measured and communicated to employees, customers, students, faculty, and citizens.

Learn more about the recycling contamination prevention technology and data management solutions from our subsidiary company.

Our fibers are made from PET bottles that would have ended up in landfills and are post-consumer only. Our products are made from Certified Post-Consumer PET.

“At ERM Solutions LLC. we promise to deliver the very best service and products in an efficient and timely  manner. Our goal is to offer sustainable solutions that will help your company exceed their CSR goals, and to prove that profitability and sustainability can coexist successfully in the corporate arena.”

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